Until recently, the industry used super plasticizing ad mixtures (also known as high-range water reducers) in conventional mixes in an attempt to achieve flow-able concrete and duplicate the advantages of a true “self-consolidating concrete.” This allowed the use of concrete having an B-in. or greater slump; however, some vibration was still required for a de qua te consolidation. While high doses of super plasticizers can create a very fluid concrete that flows readily, the concrete will segregate if the mortar is too thin to support the weight of the coarse aggregate. The key to creating self-consolidating concrete (SCC), also referred to as self-compacting, self-leveling, or self-placing concrete, is to produce a very flow-able mortar that retains a viscosity great enough to support the coarse aggregate. Today, advances in admixtures and mix proportioning are making Self-Consolidating Concrete (or scc) a practical reality around the world.

Self-Consolidating Concrete, or scc, is a chemically altered concrete product, manipulated to set itself. sec is a water-like concrete that flows and compact’s on its own, requiring little to no vibrating. Offered exclusively across Long Island by Nicolia Ready Mix sec is ideal for architectural concrete jobs, especially foundations and with a low sec is designed to mold to any shape or area and can be used in the most complex of scenarios.
SCC is an easy to use product that requires less work and fewer workers than a traditional concrete job. SCC is just as strong, durable, and reliable as conventional concrete, and no bug holing or honey combing will occur.
Benefits of producing with Self-Consolidating Concrete:

Reduction of labor cost (as much as 50%- 80%)
Increases in early (initial set) and ultimate (in-place) strength
Improved surface finish (virtually eliminates bug holes)
Reduction of energy costs and noise levels (little or no vibration required)

For ordering information, please contact Nicolia Ready-Mix. For further information on the sec Concrete visit BASF.